This policy applies on and from 25 May 2018

Keeping your data safe

At Intermedia Services (Stornoway) Ltd we are committed to keeping your personal data safe and secure, and handling it in accordance with our legal obligations.

This Privacy Policy sets out in detail the purposes for which we process your personal data in relation to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) May 25th 2018 , who we share it with, what rights you have in relation to that data and everything else we think it's important for you to know.

The business information contained in displays on our various on-line and printed publications is intended to serve our legitimate interests and those of our business and personal customers by publicising their work, services and products and how their own and would-be customers should contact them.  The data we retain is intended for our legitimate purpose of running our business accounts and maintaining our services to our customers.

The information which is published as part of advertising or promotional work is used in good faith on behalf of these businesses.

However, in their advertisements some people may have used personal email addresses (or domestic postal addresses) which now fall under GDPR or related regulations (PECR). If you wish to change this information, or exclude this information,  please contact us at

Intermedia Services (Stornoway) Ltd
Stornoway Media Centre
Church House
16 James Street
01851 705743/671/549
Where we ourselves can identify this type of information, we aim to alert those customers to their situation in order they can consider its continued publication.

We will treat your data with respect and we will never sell your data to a third party.

We do detect something of a paradox for smaller businesses - until now, you were recommended to have emails which identified yourself and marketed your business - like This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Now you are recommended to do the opposite…This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is definitely not identifiable personal data!

Summary of our data protection principles

  1. We collect and use information about people fairly and lawfully, without unwarranted harm or intrusion into their private life.
  2. We don’t use the information for any other incompatible purposes – that is, beyond journalism or our advertising work on behalf of customers and clients.
  3. We ensure the information is adequate, relevant and not excessive for our purpose.
  4. We always aim to ensure as far as possible that any information is accurate and (where necessary) kept up-to-date.
  5. We don’t keep it for longer than necessary. If the data is used for accounting purposes and reasons relating to tax liability, these periods of time are laid down by HMRC and other laws and regulations and are beyond our control.
  6. We comply with individuals’ rights (eg to access or modify their information).
  7. We keep the information securely.
  8. The editor is regarded as the 'data controller'.